Top 10 Gardening FAILS and How to Avoid Them

Even the most famous athletes make crazy simple mistakes. Just like the quarterback that tries to do his signature touchdown dance only to slip and fall flat on his face in front of millions of fans, even the most seasoned (pun intended) gardener can make the silliest of mistakes that will leave them slapping their forehead in embarrassment. However, it is important to know that these are simple gardening fails that we ALL can easily make in the garden. So, sit back and have a read at some of the biggest gardening fails that will make you feel better about a simple overwatering mistake.

You Underestimate the Critters

Don’t find yourself sitting out on your front porch in a nightgown with a golf club at 3a.m. trying to battle off moles and raccoons. Critters can drive everyone crazy and they can absolutely destroy days and weeks of your garden labor. Don’t be afraid to ask around about common garden pests in your area. Just remember, it doesn’t matter how cute raccoons look with their tiny black fur masks…they hate you already.

Creeper Plants

Whether you are a seasoned garnered trying out a new type of plant, or a novice who may not have read the planting instructions closely enough, it’s important to remember that certain plants can become just as creepy as your old college ex who still calls you at 2a.m. after a few cocktails. While creeping plants won’t ask you to take an uninvited trip down memory lane, they can quickly spread to attack your other plants or to parts of your garden or lawn. Do a little research on the power of plant creeping before you plant; remember, just because you didn’t invite a certain plant to the party, doesn’t mean they won’t go ahead and crash it.

You’re an Eager Beaver

As an adult, Spring fever often hits us in the form of over-eager stores opening gardening centers or beginning to roll out the swimwear far too early. As garden lovers, a typical gardening fail we make is getting overexcited about our vision for our beautiful garden coming to life. A classic gardening fail is to get carried away with spring fever and plant bulbs or seeds too soon. Make sure to follow the instructions that are provided with each type of plant.

You Never Learn the Lingo

Annuals, perennials, etc.; make sure you learn the lingo before you break ground!

You Fancy Yourself a Composting Genius

As we as a culture become more eco-friendly, composting has become more mainline. When executed properly, composting is absolutely an excellent medium to help plants of all types grow to a wonderful capacity, it does need to be researched to full capacity. Yet, as many people who figure themselves to be a compost genius on day one, you can quickly find out that isn’t close to what you should label yourself. Two weeks after I started composting with zero research (throwing egg shells and scraps into the garden) I started noticing a smell. Basically, I had invited the entire critter population of my yard as well as all their friends for a party to celebrate the disgusting, rotting array of vegetables and scraps in my garden. Do yourself a favor and give it a Google before starting to compost!

You Get a Little Too Serious About Garden Fixtures

A garden gnome here or there is great, but don’t make the mistake I did and end up with a garden loaded with every tacky ceramic creature you could ever imagine. My garden was the laughing stalk of the neighborhood.

You Pull the Ole’ Sew and Go

This may sound basic, but we’ve all been there. Water, water, water! Plants don’t grow themselves.

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